Sidra capital and Former White House advisor meet local investors

Vice Chairman Hani Baothman and Todd Buchholz

Sidra capital and Former White House advisor meet local investors


Riyadh, April 2017: Sidra Capital, a Saudi multi-family office, has invited Todd Buchholz to Saudi Arabia to meet local investors to discuss the new Trump administration and its potential implications and influence on global politics, the GCC, financial markets and the U.S. investment landscape.

“The US remains an interesting investment destination for our investors, although it is unclear whether the current administration intends to change legal frameworks with regards to immigration or the residential status of an investor. It also remains to be seen if President Trump will follow through with his promise for sweeping economic reform,” said Hani Baothman, Vice Chairman of Sidra Capital. “Mr. Buchholz with his vast experience in US politics and his connections to the White House will be able to shed light on many of the issues that are of concern to our investors.

“Our success is based on being very close to our investors and taking their concerns seriously. Therefore, we have created a platform where our investors can discuss their concerns not only with us but also with high profile international experts.”

Todd Buchholz brings his experience as a former White House director of economic policy, managing director of the $15 billion Tiger hedge fund, and a Harvard economics teacher to the table.

Sidra Capital is an expanding Saudi multi-family office that focuses on alternative investments. The company which recently opened its second office in Saudi Arabia, was involved in several landmark transactions such as the acquisition of Kinnaird House in Central London. In 2016 Sidra Capital tabbed into the US real estate market with the developing funding and acquisition of a newly built office building in South Carolina leased to a subsidiary of AmerisourceBergen Corporation, a Fortune 500 company.


Licensed by the Saudi Capital Market Authority (CMA License Number: 08116-37) in 2009, Sidra Capital is a Shari’ah compliant financial services company located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a paid-up capital of SAR 90million. At Sidra Capital, we concentrate our efforts on Asset Management and Corporate Finance & Advisory.  

As of December 2016, Sidra Capital manages assets in excess of SAR 3.8 billion which are all invested in alternative investments. Our success is also backed by our Corporate Finance & Advisory team which completed numerous transactions across a variety of different sectors.  

We established ourselves as the preferred choice for investors who want to invest abroad. Our strong international strategic relationships allow us to provide the highest level of expertise and market insight to our investors while providing complete transparency in our business operations.

Sidra Ancile Structured Trade Finance Fund was the first fund of its kind in Saudi Arabia and is currently the largest Structured Trade Finance Fund in the world.

Our licenses allow us to perform dealing (as principal & underwriter), managing, arranging, advising and custody services.