Sidra Capital Promotes Saudization by Launching its Young Professionals Trainee Program

Sidra Capital Promotes Saudization by Launching its Young Professionals Trainee Program

Jeddah, November 2016: In line with the government’s effort to increase the availability of jobs for Saudi university graduates, Sidra Capital has recently launched its Young Professional Trainee Program available to male and female applicants. The program aims to prepare young Saudis for a career in the field of finance.

“We believe that this rotational program will give our young professionals and ourselves a competitive edge in the market,” said Currim Oozeer, CEO of Sidra Capital. “Our true assets are the people that work for us, therefore we want to implant the Sidra DNA into our young professionals from day one. Innovation, flexibility and taking our investors’ demands and concerns serious is what has made Sidra Capital grow over the past seven years.”

“We have introduced first of its kind products to the Saudi market and currently manage the largest Islamic Structured Trade Finance Fund worldwide. These are milestones a company can only achieve with the right people and the right mind set.”

“To ensure to source the right people we have implemented a strict selection process. Once part of the Young Professional Trainee Program the young professionals undergo a 12 months rotational program in which they will work in different departments and actively coached by our department heads.”

Throughout the program the young professionals will further take necessary exams such as the CME1 and CME2 exams which will enable them to progress in the industry.

Sidra Capital is a Shari’ah compliant financial services company located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that focuses on Asset Management and Corporate Finance & Advisory. As of September 2016 Sidra Capital manages assets in excess of SAR 3,8 billion which are all invested in alternative investments. The company has established itself as the preferred choice for investors who want to invest abroad, providing its investors with an international network of strong strategic relationships that provides the highest level of expertise and market insight.